what am I doing.

I am going downhill again.

And I don’t know how to stop.

Back to at least on anxiety attack a day.

I have that feeling in my chest like some internal piece of me was stolen

I can’t sleep at night


This is like so simple but so cool…


This is like so simple but so cool…

“I drank until you weren’t real.”

– Six Word Story (#12)

“I can’t wait for the day when you realized you fucked up.”

– (via 4259147)

read and relate 📖

read and relate 📖

"Before you take her away, promise to remember these things..
Sleep on the right side of the bed, she falls asleep best on the left.
That’s her side. It always will be.

Hold her hand, even though she says she hates holding hands.

Don’t bother her when she’s getting ready, sit and admire her as she touches up each lash with mascara.
You’ll love the way it makes her green eyes stand out

When she can’t decide what she wants to eat, have her name 3 places. The first one she names is the one she wants the most.

She will find the perfect spot to lay her head on your chest, always wear perfume. You’ll want her favorite place to smell nice.

When she’s mad let her breathe.
Don’t smother her, she’ll come around. But please try to never make her mad

Lay behind her at night and watch the way she falls asleep. I promise you’ll never sleep more peaceful than after you see that

Hold her close from behind, but don’t put too much weight on her because she’ll wake up with a sore back.. But if you must cling to her that tight I understand, rub her sore back the next morning.

Kiss her forehead any chance you get. There’s no better feeling in the world than that split second

Any time she hugs you, you’ll soon take notice of the scent right behind her ears. No other smell will ever make you feel more at home.
Hug her any chance you can

Talk to her mother, any opportunity you get. You’ll never get tired of hearing the same stories over and over again.
I know them all.

Respect her as much as her father, you’ll never compare to the love she has for him. But you will learn a thing or two about loving her from him. Pay attention

Always forgive her. Sometimes she can’t control her tongue when she’s mad, but it’s not her fault. Tell her it’s okay

Under the covers her toes will freeze you to the bone, but her breath on your chest will burn you up quicker than the sun. Don’t wear socks under the sheets

Love her. Regardless
Put her above all. Always
Never stop reminding her that she is your entire world.

Please remember these things.
I could only hope for her heart to be in the best hands, mine have become rough and rugged.

Her flames will burn you straight to the core. But I promise the second you taste her, you’ll never want anything more.

Please remember these things.

Before you take her away, just know she is much too free to ever stay.”

– (via fading-out-of-reality)